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My name is David Knaapen. I am an Assistant District Attorney, currently working in Wood County. Prior to that, I was an Assistant District Attorney in Portage County for 14 years. During that time, I've had the privilege and opportunity to work with Florian (Junior as we all call him) in a variety of positions. As an Assistant District Attorney, it is my job to take the reports from law enforcement officers, prepare complaints and prosecute the case to an appropriate resolution. I worked with Junior when he was a patrol deputy, having reviewed his reports, worked with him on cases, taken phone calls from him about legal issues and worked with him in court. When Junior was the court officer/security, I would work with him on security issues or just talk with him daily when going through the screening process and had the chance to see him work in court when security issues arose. Junior is thoughtful about his position and the power that comes with it. As a result he doesn't just charge into a situation, but weighs what needs to be done so the situation isn't blown out of proportion or endangers other people. He is able to quickly assess what's happening and has a knack for doing just the right thing at just the right time. He has proven himself well-versed in the policies and dealings of almost all aspects of the sheriff's department and understands what works for the road officers and staff and what causes problems. His involvement in the community is well documented and speaks for itself. And during my time working with Junior, he was well-respected by his peers. My wife Terri and I have known Junior and his wife Sarah almost the entire time we've lived in Portage County. We've worked together on common issues and share a lot of the same opinions about what's right with Portage County and what needs attention. We strongly endorse Junior and his campaign. Junior possesses the skills and vision to lead the Portage County Sheriff's Department during these often turbulent times, calmly and successfully. Junior has proven that his main goal is always doing the right thing given the situation he's dealing with, rather than what's expedient or best for his own personal interests. Please join us in casting your vote for Florian Chojnacki for Sheriff. — David Knaapen
Assistant District Attorney
“I worked for Portage County as a custodian for 17 years. I got to know Florian very well while working for Portage County. He has the personality, honesty, and integrity to be our next Sheriff! He was always friendly, courteous, and knowledgeable with the current issues in law enforcement. Florian has the attributes to be our next Sheriff and I know he will continue to build relationships with the community, like he has with so many others in Portage County. Florian has my vote on August 9th for our next Sheriff!” — Arlene Sommers
I am Captain Mike Baumhofer (ret). I have 35 years of Law enforcement service. On August 9th, 2022 Portage County has the opportunity to elect their next Sheriff. Florian Chojnacki JR is running for that position. I've worked with him in some form or fashion during his entire 16 year career with Portage County. I know him to be thoughtful and a great listener. These are admirable traits. He will be a leader the men and women of the Sheriff's office will respect. He will do well as Portage Counties next Sheriff and bring new ideas and plans for years to come. Please join me August 9th, 2022 voting for Florian Chojnacki JR. — Mike Baumhofer
My name is Dan Wachowiak, and I am supporting Florian Chojnacki Jr. for Sheriff. I retired in July, 2021 after 28 years of law enforcement service, with the last 22 years at the Portage County Sheriff’s Office. While there, I held the positions of Field Training Officer, SRT Operator, and K9 Deputy. I have known Florian for 16 years and worked directly with him on numerous calls for service. I trusted his judgment, decision making skills, and positive attitude while on patrol. Florian is reliable, trustworthy, open to new ideas, and he possesses many attributes which are needed to hold the position of Sheriff. As Sheriff, Florian understands the importance of allowing all the Sheriff’s Office employees to do their job without being micromanaged. With law enforcement budgets being tight, Florian wants to build working relationships with local businesses and people in our community to utilize existing resources that will help our community be safe and secure. This is a top priority for Florian. He has clearly demonstrated his desire to be involved in our community with his roles in Cops n Bobbers, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Special Olympics, and the Stockton Fire Department. He will continue to be involved with our community with these and other community-based groups. Florian is willing to listen and accept employee ideas to improve the workings at the Sheriff’s Office which will provide a better work environment and safer community. Please vote Florian Chojnacki Jr. for Sheriff on August 9th. — Dan Wachowiak
My name is Amanda Mayer and I fully support Florian Chojnack Jr for Portage County Sheriff. I have worked as a law enforcement officer or closely with law enforcement for nearly 25 years. Currently, I am employed as a reserve deputy and assist with scenarios at a local technical college. I am supporting Florian for Sheriff because the Portage County Sheriff’s Office as well as the residents of Portage County deserve a true leader, not a supervisor. I have worked with and for those who were true leaders and those who were merely supervisors. There are traits that inspirational leaders should possess which include: staying calm in stressful situations, showing their human side, listening, resiliency, demonstrating integrity, and developing talent. I believe Florian holds all of these traits and more including a profound sense of humility. Anyone can be a supervisor, but leaders are not great unless the successes of every team member is important. He knows the employees of Portage County Sheriff’s Office are not replaceable and should be highly valued. I have personally witnessed the feelings of defeat/apathy that are the direct result of negative and unwarranted actions taken by the individual in charge. If the talented deputies lose inspiration and cohesiveness, the citizens are ultimately those who suffer the most. Not only does Florian inspire those under him, he highly values the mental health of the citizens of Portage County. He wants to implement programs designed at reducing or stopping recidivism. He understands strong and positive adult influences produce responsible and productive youth. Florian knows having a strong family unit is paramount in the ultimate success of diversion and treatment programs. Portage County, after eight years, it is time for a change, a change back to true leadership. Please join me in voting for Florian Chojnacki Jr as Portage County Sheriff on August 9th. — Amanda Mayer
Portage County, it is time for a change. I am voting for Florian Chojnacki Jr. because it's time for a positive change in our community. I have worked in mental health and substance abuse services for over twenty years. I have seen firsthand that we have opportunity to improve collaboration between law enforcement and the mental health system. We need a strong leader with fresh ideas. Vote for change; vote Florian Chojnacki Jr. for sheriff, with me, on August 9th. — Betty Higgins

My name is Dale O’Kray, and I am supporting Florian Chojnacki Jr. for Portage County Sheriff. I had over 33 years of law enforcement experience and worked for the Portage County Sheriff’s Office for over 30 years, retiring as the Operations Captain in 2019. During my career as a law enforcement officer, I have worked for seven different Sheriffs and one Police Chief. I had been in management for over ten years, and had attended numerous leadership classes and training conferences, including having obtained my Certified Public Managers certificate from the University of Wisconsin. I know what it takes to be a respected leader, and it’s time for Portage County to have that type of leader as Sheriff AGAIN!

Florian has been in law enforcement for over 21 years and has held several positions within the Sheriff’s office. I feel he has the integrity and the commitment that will make him a good leader. Will it be a learning experience for him? It will. But I feel Florian will be able to lead from a positive relationship standpoint. He will let the employees of the Sheriff’s office understand what he is about. That he will be able to lead from out front. And that he will also be willing to step back and let the success and light shine on the employees, where it should be. He will be demanding, without being demeaning.

Florian has and is involved in our community in many different capacities. He is from here and is raising his family here. The things he is involved in, such as Big Brothers/Big Sisters, Special Olympics, Cops-n- Bobbers, and many others, are things that he would be involved in no matter what his political aspirations would be.

The current Sheriff is all about self-promotion. He has gotten big raises and extra benefits that none of the previous Sheriffs ever had. He micromanages a very talented and experienced mid and upper
management personnel, that surely do not need to be micromanaged. If you want a Sheriff that will
continue to be a politician and out in front of every camera, vote for the current Sheriff. If you want
someone that can be a leader and be fair and allow the personnel to be the best that they can be, which would be the best choice for the people of Portage County, vote for Florian Chojnacki for Sheriff on August 9th .

— Dale O'Kray
If Florian Chojnacki, Jr. is your next Sheriff, Portage County will win! I have known Florian for many years. As a former resident of Portage County, I would be proud to vote for him. He is a family man, conducts his personal and professional life with integrity, is strong yet fair, and will always do the right thing. I have spent my entire career in human services. I know the importance of building bridges with community partners to collectively deliver the best response to vulnerable citizens, including those with mental health challenges. Law enforcement is key to that effort, and Florian will pull people together to work towards the best result for all Portage County citizens. I urge you to vote for Florian Chojnacki for Sheriff! Vicki Tylka — Vicki Tylka
My name is John Charewicz.  I have 38 years of law enforcement experience including serving as Sheriff of Portage County for the last 12 years of my career.
I am supporting Florian Chojnacki Jr in his campaign to be the next Sheriff of Portage County because he possesses all of the attributes of a good leader.  Maturity, honesty, solid ethics, putting the Sheriff's Office and its members ahead of self are all indications of an individual in a leadership role. Florian exemplifies all these traits and more. 
Florian is involved in the community outside of law enforcement, volunteering at many events and serving as a volunteer fire fighter for the Town of Stockton. This in itself gives him an insight into the other branches of Public Safety that no one else at the Sheriff's Office has. He wants to build alliances, solve problems, and make Portage County safer for all of us. Please vote Chojnacki on August 9th and give him that opportunity.
Thank You.
— John Charewicz
"I am former Portage County Sheriff’s Department Captain John Keener. I have 33 years of law enforcement experience. I am supporting Florian Chojnacki, Jr. for Sheriff as I believe he is the best choice for the position.  He consistently displays high levels of ethics and integrity, leadership skills, adaptability, and ambition.  His skills and experience will allow him to expand public trust through transparent accountability and honesty." — John Keener
"I am retired Portage County Lieutenant Steve Retzki. I have 30+ years
of law enforcement experience. I am supporting Florian Chojnacki Jr for
Sheriff. I have worked with him and believe he has the right temperament
and team building skills to be an effective Sheriff for the citizens of
Portage County. I am confident he will proactively utilize his talents
and will be a moral booster for the members of the Sheriff's Office."
— Steve Retzki

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